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This music video was filmed entirely in my hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. This is where I was born and the various locations, as well

as my outfits, all have a very special meaning to me. This video was produced to showcase the single, "Kabu Verde, Un Dia" from my debut CD.


Shot in 1 day, it features my old neighborhood, as well as some of the Cape Verdean clubs I have performed in. The ship that is featured in the video is the "Ernestina" and she holds a very special place in the hearts of all Cape Verdeans. It was on this small schooner, that many of the island's people

left on a voyage to America with dreams of starting a better life. New Bedford is home to the largest Cape Verdean community in America.

Aboard the Ernestina . Mike Monteiro Photography

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Candida Performs "Summertime" at The Roots Cafe in

Providence, Rhode Island

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