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Candida Rose

Candida Rose

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As a solo artist, whether at a gospel revival, jazz night, Cape Verdean festival, R&B Revue, anniversary, wedding, birthday celebration,

or whatever event you can think of, Candida Rose continues to amaze audiences with her diverse vocal performances.

But more importantly, she reaches out with her heart and soul and touches everyone in her presence.

Candida Rose’s 10-song debut CD, combines her Cape Verdean musical roots with her American influences to bring a fresh new take on world/jazz music which she calls “KabuJazz”.

As a band leader, Candida Rose, has had the privilege of working with many artists from various genres. When bringing her unique brand of Jazz-infused Cape Verdean music, or vis-a-versa, to events, functions, restaurants, festivals etc., she works with an array of fabulous musicians in groups she calls her “KabuJazz” ensemble. These performances feature music from her debut CD entitled “KabuMerikana: The Sum of Me”, as well as other Cape Verdean and American favorites.

As a collaborator, currently, she works with the all-female group “Women in World Jazz” bringing music of women composers from around the world to libraries, schools, and other venues around the New England area.

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